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WHAT ABOUT RECOIL?Updated 4 months ago

The Impact of Lack of Recoil

It’s important to clarify that practicing with Strikeman, which simulates shooting without recoil, can help you improve certain aspects of your shooting technique; it may not fully prepare you for the experience of live ammunition with recoil.

Recoil affects shooting accuracy, and re-acquiring your target after each shot is a crucial skill to develop for live-fire situations. While it’s true that the bullet has left the chamber before significant recoil occurs, the physical effects of recoil, including the movement of the gun and the need to re-stabilize your aim, can still impact accuracy.

Practicing with recoil simulation tools can be beneficial for refining basic shooting fundamentals such as grip, stance, and trigger control. However, it would be best if you transitioned to live-fire exercises to fully understand and adapt to the effect of recoil on your shooting performance.

Re-racking a firearm or manually cycling the action is a different aspect of shooting mechanics than recoil. While it requires re-aiming, it doesn’t replicate the dynamic and physical effects of recoil that shooters experience with live ammunition.

In summary, while Strikeman can be helpful in certain aspects of skill development, it should complement, not replace, live-fire training to ensure you are well-prepared for the full range of conditions you may encounter in real shooting scenarios.

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