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No matter how much you try, life gets in the way of you putting in the hours. Going to the range may only be an option sometimes. The ammo cost for live fire practices might further dent your aspirations. A reasonable response to this dilemma is dry-fired laser training.

Dry firing is a way of practicing shooting without using live ammunition. It’s even more effective when using a laser training device such as a laser training pistol or cartridges. Hence, the term dry-fire laser training. Using laser-training pistols is excellent, but nothing beats shooting your handgun.

This article will explore a laser cartridge and how to pick one for your firearm.



Becoming more comfortable handling a firearm requires continuous practice, which builds up muscle memory. This enables you to make the best choices for various tactical scenarios or defensive situations without spending much time thinking about unfolding events. You will need to because in some cases. You would not have the time to assess your options.

Laser cartridges are small lasers the size and shape of a cartridge. They fit into the camber of your firearm the same way a live round, snap cap, or dummy round would. The difference is, that pulling the trigger doesn’t send it flying out of the chamber. Instead, a red dot comes out and onto your target.

It may sound a little underwhelming, but the possibilities it offers for training are incredible. The laser dot stays long enough for you to see where it hits. If you use it with other components of dry-fire laser training systems, the target will provide immediate feedback if you get a hit.

Laser cartridges come in different round sizes, including .380 auto, 9mm, 5.56x45mm, or even 12 gauge. The aim is to get you familiar with your firearm. The trigger pull threshold, the sight picture, recoil, and grip differ from model to model. So, knowing how yours works puts you at an advantage in defensive situations.

Laser cartridges are usually designed not to cause any damage to your firearm, including the firing pin.



Using a dry-fire laser cartridge safely at home is simple. First, verify that the cartridge functions by pressing the black rubber pad on the back side of the cartridge. Remember to point the laser end away from your face or another’s. Laser beams can cause serious eye injuries. Use dark surfaces so you can confirm laser function.

You must clear your gun and ensure no live round is available in the chamber. Lock the slide to the rear and insert the cartridge with the emitter first. This way, the firing pin can hit the black rubber pad. Please press the back of the laser so it sits in the gun’s chamber before releasing the slide, allowing it to go into battery mode.

From now on, you only need to pull the trigger to your heart’s content while being mindful to rack the slide after each shot (unless you have a single or double-action firearm). Every time the firing pin or striker hits the back of the laser, a red dot will show where the bullet would go. All laser training cartridges come with instructional manuals.



Investing in a laser training cartridge is a great way to improve your shooting skills. Below are some of the benefits of using a laser training cartridge.



Not all guns are made equal. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with your firearm. So much so that it becomes like a third hand. Using a laser cartridge during dry-fire training lets you know your firearm intimately.

It also helps you familiarize yourself with the slide of your gun, an essential skill every firearm owner needs to get comfortable with. Since you make use of your gun, you end up building safe firearm habits from the start. You know the weight of your gun and learn to hold it properly. This builds proper safety principles and situational awareness.

Trigger discipline will help you prevent accidental discharge of your firearm. Muzzle discipline will prevent unwanted damage if you pull the trigger before you’re ready.

It is not a skill you learn overnight. It requires a lot of work even after it becomes mentally and physically a part of you.



Irrespective of your skill level, practicing sight alignment, sight picture, and target acquisition slowly, smoothly, and safely helps you execute the basics accurately and correct errors in your aim. This is especially vital if you’re beginning your journey with firearms. Speed is not your concern. That will grow over time with continuous practice.

Using laser cartridges allows you to know the specifics of your firearm sights. There is always a slight difference in sight from make to make, model to model. This way, you can practice what you will use in a real-life situation and respond appropriately to visual cues.



There is an argument that how you hold your gun, especially the initial hand placement is more pertinent to safe shooting than the trigger pull. This is because that initial grip and control are responsible for what happens next. It has a direct impact on every action through the follow-up shot.

Not gripping the gun correctly can fly it out of your hand even before you fire. The anticipation of recoil or loud noises can make you close your eyes or jerk the trigger. Without a proper grip, you can risk unintended consequences. This includes negligent discharge and lack of accuracy.

Dry-fire laser cartridges give you the benefit of using your firearm more often. The advantage of this is that you become intimately familiar with your firearm’s actual weight and feel. This also includes all preferred accessory additions.

Continuous practice will help you develop proper hand form so there is no snag. It will also help you get used to the trigger threshold, so you know the trigger pull of your firearm without the noise or recoil.

Different firearms have different trigger thresholds, so it is good to familiarize yourself with one that is yours. Hence reducing your tendency to anticipate flinching.



Life fire training comes with the cost of ammunition, range fees, and travel expenses. If you train regularly, these costs tend to increase quickly and significantly.

But, with dry-fire laser training, this is drastically reduced. The only investment besides purchasing laser cartridges is a reliable device or dry-fire training system. These can range from our basic kit to our more advanced Pro kit.

Once you have these, you can practice from your home anytime—no more travel expenses or ammo costs.



You should know everything there is about your firearm. However, starting with the name, model, and bullet caliber is a significant step.

Some cartridges are designed for a specific type of gun. Yet, we offer laser cartridges for pistols, rifles, and even shotguns.

The next thing is determining the type of training you need the cartridge for. Is it to improve your aim? Or work on your grip or trigger control? How some laser cartridges display the dot on a target can indicate the exact deficiency in your shooting.

For example, a single dot shows where the bullet will strike the target. But a red lash could indicate a jerking of the trigger. It could also mean flinching or anticipation of recoil. This way, you know how to fix the problem if and when it happens.



Dry-fire laser cartridges offer a plethora of benefits. These benefits include bringing you closer to understanding real-life scenarios.

The best part is that you improve your fundamentals so much that they become a part of you. There is no hitch in your training but you. Besides the initial investment, no extra cost breaks the bank either.

However, remember that our dry-fire training kits are just an aid. Relying too much on them while neglecting the fundamentals is a recipe for complacency and bad habits. Always adhere to basic gun principles while using laser cartridges. Building and maintaining these habits takes time, even if you’re a seasoned professional.

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