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HOW DO I TRACK MY ORDER?Updated 5 months ago



Guidance on how to use the tracking tool. To track your order, you will need either your order number and email / phone number or a tracking number. Here’s how you can use this tool on our website:


  1. Order Number and Email / Phone Number:
    1. Enter your Order Number in the “Order Number” field.
    2. Enter your associated Email or Phone Number in the “Email or Phone Number” field.
    3. Click the “TRACK” button.
  2. Tracking Number:
    1. Enter your Tracking Number in the “Tracking Number” field.
    2. Click the ‘TRACK” button.

After following these steps, the tracking tool should provide you with information about the status and location of your order. If you have the required information, input it into the respective fields and click “TRACK” to get real-time updates on your package.

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