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WHAT IS THE RANGE OF THE LASER?Updated 5 months ago


Effective Range: The laser bullet system can be used effectively at 25 – 100 yards, depending on lighting conditions and whether you use it indoors or outdoors. Using the system, you can practice your shooting accuracy within this range.

Indoor Use: The system is primarily designed for indoor use. It is optimized for indoor environments with more controlled lighting conditions. When used indoors, the system is accurate up to 25 yards. This ensures that the app can accurately recognize the laser strike on the target.

Sunlight Challenge: Bright sunlight can challenge the system’s performance, as it may make it difficult for the app to detect the laser strikes on the target accurately. To address this issue, it is recommended to use the system in shaded outdoor areas if you wish to shoot outside in daylight. When used outdoors, the system is effective 25 – 100 yards. Placing the target and the smartphone app under shade can also help improve performance.

These guidelines are essential to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of your training with the laser bullet system, especially when using it in different lighting conditions and environments.


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